Manuscript assessment

I love helping writers with their works in progress! I offer a manuscript assessment service where I can read your WIP and provide feedback and advice. You'll get an electronic report detailing my overall impression of your work, the project's strengths and weaknesses, suggestions for changes, and comments on any particular areas you're looking for. I offer a three-week turnaround. My fees are based on word count:

Short piece up to 5000 words plus synopsis: $420

Longer piece up to 10,000 words plus synopsis: $580

Each additional block of 10,000 words: $50

Interested? Email me.


Book a school visit with Booked Out!

I love meeting young people. I do talks, workshops, keynotes and residencies for students, teachers, librarians and parents. I generally talk to secondary or tertiary students. I talk about:

  • my books and writing process
  • writing workshops on character, plot and idea generation
  • my PhD research on the links between young people, literature, the internet and activism
  • Young Adult literature (and good new books)
  • motivational speaking

I’m also an Ambassador for the Stella Schools Program, and run talks and workshops about gender bias in literature and culture more broadly, aiming to empower students – girls and boys – to critically and creatively engage with cultural text and imagine a future not limited by their gender.