Top Five Reasons Why I'm Excited To Be On The Inky Awards Shortlist

  1. Do you see that list? Some of my FAVOURITE books are on that list. Illuminae! Cloudwish! I'll Give You The Sun! And ALL THE OTHERS! So amazing to be in such incredible company.
  2. Did I mention that a million years ago, I was one of the people who STARTED the Inky Awards? It is a strange but truly extraordinary honour to be shortlisted for an award that you kind of invented. It's been so exciting to watch the Inkys grow in stature and popularity every year.
  3. REAL TEENAGE JUDGES PICKED THESE BOOKS. The Inkys is the best because they recognise the books that real Australians teens read and love.
  4. This means that the judges read my little book about gardening and activism and love and community, and thought it was worthy of recognition, and that just makes me want to burst with pride and feels.
  5. Books like Green Valentine don't often get on awards lists, for lots of different reasons, and I don't want to say that my books DESERVE to be on awards lists because that would be very conceited. But funny books don't win many awards. And romantic books don't win many awards. Because there is this broader cultural idea that humour and romance aren't "literary" or "important", and I really don't believe that to be true.