All the things

We moved into our house! It's very exciting and as soon as it is a bit tidier, I'll post some photos. But I've also been busy doing lots of other things. I had another academic article published, on John Green's Paper Towns, Nerdfighters and heterotopia (you can read it here).

I presented a paper on Meg Cabot at the ACLAR conference in Canberra, organised by the very clever Anthony Eaton.

I'm championing a book for the Kill Your Darlings YA Championship (but you'll have to wait to find out which one).

I remotely gave a speech at ALA to accept my Stonewall Honor Prize (you can read the speech here).

I finished the first draft of the Next Book (of which more soon), and am about to start the first round of edits.

And now it's nearly August, where I shall be very busy visiting many schools, and doing events at the Melbourne Writers Festival. Speaking of which, the program has just been released, and it's awesome. The full program can be found here, and my sessions are here.