Because we just bought a house, Mj and I have to save a chunk of extra money over the next couple of months, so we are being super frugal. We're already pretty frugal (we don't smoke or drink coffee or soft drink, which according to my calculations has saved us around $100,000 over the past ten years), but we're stepping it up. Here are my top ten frugal tips.

  1. Coins. I collected all the loose change in the house and took it to the bank. We had over $500!
  2. Take your lunch. We are lunching on instant ramen and toasted sandwiches instead of store-bought sushi.
  3. Shop at the market, an hour before closing. Everything is extra cheap. We bought 5kg of potatoes for $1.50!
  4. Cook in bulk. Soups, bolognese and chili are our staples. One big lot can last for six or seven meals.
  5. Spring onions - this is basically magic. In the past, I've always ended up throwing half the bunch away when they go dry and bendy. Instead, snip off the end of each onion as you use it, about an inch above the root, and put it into a jar of water. The onions will keep growing, and you can snip off the top when you need. Ours are still going strong after six weeks. Also keep herbs from wilting by keeping them in a glass of water. And bendy veggies like broccoli can be revived by cutting off the end and sticking it in water for an hour or so.
  6. Cleaning products like Spray & Wipe are way too strong anyway. I always split one bottle between two and top up with water.
  7. Don't go to the pub, or the movies.
  8. Cut down on booze. We are enjoying a few weekend gin and tonics, as we have duty-free gin in the cupboard from our trip last year. My home-made tonic syrup and our SodaStream makes this a very low-cost beverage!
  9. Cancel gym membership. We never went anyway, and walking is free.
  10. Pay off credit cards immediately. We do this anyway, but it's good to remember. Interest fees are a bitch.

oh, and as a bonus

11. Have wonderful friends and family that supply you with food and drink. Thank you, guys. We'll pay you back with many lovely meals at our lovely house in the future!

What are your best frugal tips?