In which all the things are happening

Sorry about the lack of blogging, world. I've been a little busy. (do every one of my blogs start with that?)

Here's an update for the last month or so:

1. A Pocketful of Eyes made the CBCA Notable list! Hurrah!

2. And the WAYRBA Older Readers list! Double Hurrah!

3. Love-Shy is getting lots of love out there in the world, which is wonderful.

4. I had an awesome week as the writer-in-residence St Margaret Mary's Catholic College in Townsville.

5. I am NEARLY FINISHED the first draft of the Next Book, of which more soon.

6. Wedding planning is full-steam ahead. My Pinterest overfloweth.

7. WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! This is absolutely terrifying and also utterly wonderful. Now we can have our Saturdays back instead of traipsing from house open to house open. But we will be very poor for a few months while we settle into our mortgage. I'm enjoying finding new ways to be frugal - yesterday I gathered up all the loose change lying around our house and took it to the bank. There was $525 worth of coins! Our new house is a beautiful little 1925 weatherboard in Thornbury, and we'll be moving in July. Lots to do before then. I'm still not really sure what a conveyancer does, but we have one.

8. Here's Pink with its Stonewall Honor sticker! Look at how it matches!