On weddings

When I was little, I used to wear this bride's dress my Grandma gave me. A lot. But not because I wanted to be a bride. I just liked it because it was frilly and pretty. I played endless imaginary games in it - but I was always a Princess. Never a bride.

As a teenager and a young adult, I never fantasised about my wedding. The big frouffy strapless white dress just wasn't really me. But in my late twenties, two things happened:

1. I became aware (via the many craft blogs I subscribe to, and also the weddings of awesome friends) of a Different Kind of Wedding. One with colourful bunting and wildflowers and adorable crafted details. A wedding that looked like a really awesome party, with really awesome craft.

2. I met Michael.

And I started to think... well, maybe. Because if there are three things I love, they're Michael, Craft and Organising Things. Oh, and sharing an awesome day with all the people I love.

I used to be a professional event coordinator. It was my job, and I was pretty good at it. Organising an Event is my idea of fun. So it will come to no surprise to those of you who know me that I'm TOTALLY loving working with Mj to plan our wedding, and that a lot of the organisation has already been done. We're keeping some of our favourite wedding traditions (my dad will walk me down the aisle. Mj and I will exchange rings and vows.), and ditching lots of other ones (no bridesmaids or groomsmen. No fancy cars. No assigned seating). There is no wedding coordinator. There is no standard reception centre venue. There will be no tulle-covered chairs.

We are doing as much of it ourselves as we can - all the planning, the craft, the invitations, the favours. Our amazing friends are helping us with cake, photography, makeup and music. My Hen's will be a Crafternoon, and anyone with a novelty penis-shaped drinking straw will be immediately ejected.

My parents didn't have a big wedding - just a simple registry office ceremony. They'd organised Dad's best friend to take some photos on his fancy expensive Pentax, but they all ended up totally out of focus. This photo was snapped on a cheap Kodak by Mum's schoolfriend Lorraine. It's a gorgeous photo - they're so young (20!) and beautiful and happy. Also, how rad is Mum's tweed culotte suit?