I turned 31 on the weekend, and to celebrate I went to the Astor with some friends to see my Favourite Movie of All Time - Labyrinth. I first saw it at the cinema when I was five, and have seen it approximately a bazillion times since then, but not on the big screen. It was an awesome night - lots of people came in costume - and I realised how much the film influenced me as a kid - and continues to influence me as an adult.

When I was about eleven, I got my grandma to make me a waistcoat that looked like Sarah's, so I could dress like her. I just thought she was the most awesome person in the world.

It's also the nexus of everything that is awesome. Obviously it has links to the Muppets, and also to Star Wars and Little Shop of Horrors via Frank Oz. It's choreographed by Cheryl McFadden, aka Gates McFadden aka Beverly Crusher from Star Trek TNG. One of the Fierys is Danny John Jules who is the Cat in Red Dwarf. The screenplay is by Monty Python's Terry Jones. Ron Mueck, one of my very favourite visual artists, performs and voices Ludo. The design is all by the wonderful Brian Froud (and his son plays baby Toby). Sir Didymus is voiced by David Shaughnessy, who is the heir presumptive to a Barony that is currently held by his brother Charles Shaughnessy, who we all know as Maxwell Sheffield on The Nanny (and whatsisname on Mad Men). It has MC Escher and Maurice Sendak and logic puzzles and a zillion other things that are awesome.

Oh, and David Bowie*.

I love the story - the way it talks about the dangers of hiding in childhood, but that it's alright to bring childhood with you into maturity. It's okay to be an adult with an imagination and a teddy bear - indeed it's better.

Also, I was pretty sure that Michael was going to be The One when I learnt that his nickname is Ludo - because he's a gentle rock monster.

Here is Ludo and Jim Henson meeting Charles and Diana.


*Apparently they were originally considering Michael Jackson and Sting as well as Bowie. Can you imagine how creepy it would have been with Michael Jackson? Also, Helena Bonham Carter, Jane Krakowski, Sarah Jessica Parker, Marisa Tomei, Laura Dern and Ally Sheedy all auditioned for the part of Sarah, before it was given to 14 year old Jennifer Connelly.