Love-Shy excerpt #3

This is the last excerpt from Love-Shy. As I mentioned last week, the protagonist Penny discovers that there is a boy at her school who is suffering from love-shyness. But she doesn't know which boy! So she sets out to interview them all.  


Eye contact: Yes, but in a creepy, starey way.

Overt signs of shyness: Extreme agitation.

ME: So, Logan. Do you have a girlfriend?


ME: Logan? Are you okay?


ME: Do girls make you uncomfortable, Logan? Do you find talking to me difficult?


ME: In your own time, Logan. Just breathe.

LOGAN: She... She...

ME: She? Who? Are you wearing eyeliner?

LOGAN: (DARK LOOK.) She was my everything. She said she loved me. She made everything different. She held my hand and took me to places I’d only dreamed about. The scent of her skin, her hair, aroused me like—

ME: Is this going somewhere?

LOGAN: She said we’d be together forever. She said I was her One and Only. She said she’d never leave me. She whispered it into my ear when we lay naked together under the stars. And then...

ME: And then?

LOGAN: And then I found her making out with Jamal Zayd around the side of the canteen.

ME: I’m very sorry for your loss.

LOGAN: Everything is turned to ashes.

ME: You seem to be enjoying that Kit-Kat.

LOGAN: My soul’s fire is extinguished. I will never love again.

ME: I’m sure you’ll perk up in a day or two.

LOGAN: Do you think... Would you...

ME: What is it?

LOGAN: Would you mind if I smelled your hair?

ME: Yes. I would mind.


Verdict: Not love-shy.


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