Love-Shy - Excerpt #1

This week I'm going to post a few excerpts from Love-Shy. As I mentioned last week, the protagonist Penny discovers that there is a boy at her school who is suffering from love-shyness. But she doesn't know which boy! So she sets out to interview them all.  


Eye contact: Yes.

Overt signs of shyness: No.

ME: Hi, Jamal.

JAMAL: Hey. Wait, why are you pointing your phone at me?

ME: It’s a Dictaphone app. So. What do you think of this Tchaikovsky piece?

JAMAL: Um. It’s okay. A bit tricky with the key-changes. Why are you pointing that at me?

ME: Do you have a girlfriend?


JAMAL: Um. Why do you ask?

ME: Just making conversation. You seem like a nice guy.

JAMAL: Oh, Ms Darling is here. We’d better pay attention.

ME: So I’m taking that as a no. Why? Do you struggle talking to girls?

JAMAL: She’s banging her baton on her stand. I think she wants us to start.

ME: Have you ever kissed a girl, Jamal?

JAMAL: Look, do you think we could talk about this later? We’re supposed to be tuning.

ME: Am I making you uncomfortable? Does talking to me make you feel anxious?

JAMAL: Well, now that you mention it, you’re being a bit—

MS DARLING: When you’re quite done there, Jamal.

JAMAL: Sorry, Ms Darling.

Verdict: Not love-shy.


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