Love-Shy - the book

Love-Shy is about Penny Drummond, a bossy, know-it-all wannabe journalist. You know someone like Penny. She's involved in every single extra-curricular activity. She's a form captain and plays in the orchestra and does at least two sports and debates and sings in the choir. She is busy every single lunch time. If she wears a blazer, the lapel is covered in badges. She's popular - everyone likes her. But because she's so busy all the time, she doesn't really have any super-close friends. Penny knows she's going to be an amazing journalist one day. But she doesn't want to wait, and the East Glendale College Gazette isn't really challenging her. She wants an amazing story. Something that will change lives. And then she discovers loveshyness. A hurriedly closed web browser in the school library reveals a loveshy forum - someone at East Glendale is loveshy! Obviously Penny has to find him. And fix him. And write an amazing story about it. And obviously the only way to achieve this is to interview every boy in her year level.

Of course it all goes horribly, horribly wrong.

It was very difficult to balance the anxiety and darkness of the loveshy character (I can't tell you who it is - spoilers!) against Penny's bossy humour. Often I got so wrapped up in the story that I lost sight of how dark some of it was. But on the whole, I loved writing Penny. There's quite a lot of me in Penny (although I am much, much lazier), and there's a fair dollop of Paris, my absolute favourite character in The Gilmore Girls. Next week, I'm going to post some of the interviews that she conducts with the boys in her school, so you can get an idea of what she's like.

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