Love-Shy is here! (plus giveaway)

This wonderful box of books arrived today, so I'm going to spend this week telling you a bit about Love-Shy.

This, as many of you already know, was my NaNoWriMo book of 2010. But it started its life in the adorably eccentric seaside town of Tenby, in Wales, over breakfast with my very dear friend Sarah, who is also a TV writer and all-round Awesome Person.

We were eating eggs and bacon and sipping cups of steaming hot tea, and passing the Sunday papers back and forth. And in the magazine, I read an article about a psychological condition called loveshyness. It only affects boys and men*, and basically makes them chronically shy - even terrified - around women. The article talked about a 40 year old man whose only physical contact with a woman (other than his mum) had been shaking hands once in a job interview. I was intrigued. My first thought was... I have to write a YA novel about this. Over the next few days, I sketched out a basic plot outline for a novel (with the amazing Sarah's help and wisdom).

Tomorrow, I'm going to tell you a bit more about the condition, and my research process. Then on Friday I'll talk about how I wrote a romantic comedy about a crippling anxiety disorder. And then next Monday I'll post an excerpt!

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* This is actually a bit complicated. There are plenty of anxious, shy girls, but we live in a society where shyness in a girl is more socially acceptable. Shy girls aren't ostracised as much in the playground. Shy girls get approached in bars by confident guys. It just doesn't happen so much the other way around.