Recent writings

Kids today are not the same as when we were young. They are a generation of true writers and readers, and they’re using books to save the world. That's from this article what I wrote for Meanjin. It's pretty closely linked to the work I'm doing for my PhD.

Oh, and a month or so ago I had my First Ever Academic Journal Article published in Write4Children, edited by the wonderful Anthony Eaton. My article is what's called a "practice-led paper" which means I talk about the Important Philosophical Theory behind my novel Pink. It's in Volume 3, Issue 1, and can be found here.

AND, I have a chapter in a new book called Read to Succeed: strategies to engage children and young people in reading for pleasure.

Speaking of writing, I'm sure you're all be pleased to know that I finished my personal NaNoWriMo target of 20,000 words. Hurrah!

Now I'm getting my Christmas on (I know, shocking, right?) - yesterday I made candied peel, ginger-and-orange cordial and ginger-and-honey infused whiskey before heading over to Mum's and making six dozen mince pies and a Christmas cake. Then I was all domestic goddessed out, so Mj and I ordered pizza for dinner.