Bookclutch: The Name of the Star

Maureen Johnson writes exactly the kind of snappy, intelligent, funny teen chick lit that I like to read (and write). So when I heard she was starting a series about Jack the Ripper... I was a little disappointed. No funny? No contemporary? No teeny romance?

But I was wrong!

The Name of the Star has all of those things, PLUS a London boarding school, some Historical Colour, life-threatening danger AND (teeny spoiler) a little paranormal mystery.

Rory Deveaux is a Louisiana teenager, recently moved to London to attend a posh private boarding school. But everything is not alright in London. A serial killer is on the loose, mimicking the brutal 19th century crimes of Jack the Ripper. Rippermania takes over London - everyone is equal parts paranoid and excited. But the case is a stumper. How come none of London's seventy squillion CCTV cameras have spotted the killer? Who is that strange man that Rory saw lurking around on the night of the murder, and why didn't her room-mate see him? And, what was that? Sekrit London police squad of spunky young people who share an Unusual Ability? I'm in.

Dear Maureen. When is the next one out? Can it be sooner? Thanks, Lili.

(you can read the first 78 pages on Maureen's website)


(This post is part of an occasional series where I talk about books I like. They’re not reviews – I’m calling them book clutches, because they’re all books that I want to clutch close to me.)