Home Again

Our big trip ended with an astonishing lack of wifi. Highlights included: Taking some high-speed photos at San Francisco's Exploratorium

Putting our feet in the Pacific to prove we made it ALL THE WAY ACROSS

Getting water in my bra at Disneyland (do you like Mj's Facing Certain Death With Grim Determination face?)


Staying at the Millennium Biltmore in LA, which you may remember from Ghostbusters, Pretty in Pink and One Million Other Films and TV shows.

Dropping off our hire car and celebrating our ability not to break it in ANY WAY despite our 10,000 km drive

Did you see that? 10,000 km! Without breaking the car OR getting shot!

Popping over to Tokyo for a few days. This was a slightly mixed experience. I love Tokyo - I lived there for six months when I was 21, and I love going back to visit, plus we got to meet up with our friend Warren who lives in Fukuoka. But I had the worst jet lag of my life this time. The first three nights I slept maybe 2-3 hours total, and the last night I didn't sleep at all, and made myself sick with anxiety. That part sucked. But the rest of it was AWESOME. We...

Went to Akihabara Electric Town - a whole suburb of electronics stores (Mj liked this particularly).

Went to Nippori Fabric Town - a whole suburb of fabric shops (where I died and went to fabric heaven).

Went to Tokyu Hands - my favourite shop in the world.

Visited some shrines.

Did some excellent people-watching.

Ate gyoza, onigiri, teppenyaki, yakitori, chashu ramen, kaiten-zushi and ONE MILLION OTHER DELICIOUS THINGS. This was particularly exciting after the blandness of a lot of US food.

Explored the teensy cramped bars (no bigger than my laundry at home) of Piss Alley (Shomen Yokocho) in Shinjuku. Most could only fit the three of us and maybe two other people. It used to be a seedy area full of gambling dens and prostitutes, but now it's awesome little quirky bars and great food on sticks.


And now we're home. It's absolutely lovely to be home, and I'm very excited about the two books I'm writing at the moment (the PhD one and Another One).

Holiday deemed a giant success!