NV: When in Vegas

Everyone says you should be careful of scams when in Vegas. So when a guy came up to us as we were checking in and asked if we'd like free tickets to a show and $150 of gambling credit in exchange for attending a presentation about a timeshare, we said... Sure, why not? The presentation was actually pretty convincing, delivered by an awesome Jewish/Italian lady with a thick Brooklyn accent. If you were the kind of person who travelled a lot, and always wanted to stay in resorts, then it's a pretty good deal. But needless to say, we decided not to sink $15k into a Vegas timeshare.

This is Mj being happy that we didn't buy it.


That's our room at the Luxor, by the way, which is a casino inside a giant black pyramid. Our room had a spa in the corner where the wall slopes (cause it's a pyramid), which was very awesome. Also all the elevators in the Luxor travel diagonally, which is a very strange feeling.

(I should add, that if you're planning to visit Vegas and want a fancy spa room for a very small amount of money, check out smartervegas.com, which lists all the deals. Vegas can be VERY cheap if you're not the gambling type)

So we left the boys in the hotel room watching TV, and set out to see the sights of the tackiest, most ridiculous city in the US.


We already had tickets to see Beatles Love, which was utterly amazing. So we decided that we should go to the other end of the scale, and see Tournament of Kings, where you watch jousting and eat a chicken with your hands. It was about as craptastic as you might imagine. Lots of "huzzah!"ing and raising of tankards.

I hoped the boys were getting along.


Then came our $150 of gambling credits. We were both a bit scared. The only gambling I've ever done before is betting on horses at the Melbourne Cup, and I've always been anti-gambling. Seems like an easy way to lose money to me. But we had free credit, so we had a go at the Ghostbusters slot machine (surprisingly fun) and played a few rounds of blackjack, which wasn't so scary once you got the hang of it. When we'd used up all our credit, we had $120 of real chips that we'd won, which would have been a loss if it hadn't been free to start with.


So here are my thoughts about gambling: it's quite fun when you're not using your own money. But after an hour and a half, I was quite ready to cash out, take our free $120 back to our room and have a glass of wine in the spa.

I can see how Vegas might make you go weird though. You have to walk through a casino to get anywhere, and they keep the lights dark all day so it always feels like drinking and gambling time. And there's sex and nightclubs and strip poker around every corner, as well as sexy pirates and real lions in the middle of a casino and in one night you can visit Egypt and Paris and China and Venice and New York.

It's not my kind of place, but it's no wonder that it makes people do... strange things.