AZ Big Nature #2: Lake Powell

Imagine Mars. Plus water. That's basically Lake Powell. In the 50s, the Colorado River was dammed here, in the middle of the desert, to create a water reservoir and a power station. The lake has 1000 miles of 'coast', and is around 300 feet deep.


We went on a boat tour through this stunning landscape, although to be honest I wish we'd had a few extra days and had hired a houseboat, and just drifted through the canyons.



(the white line is the Bath Ring, the point where the lake was at it's highest, in the 80s)

The boat took us to Rainbow Bridge, an amazing natural bridge formed by air and water, that is a sacred place for the Navajo people. It's a massive arch that a photo doesn't really capture - but the Statue of Liberty could fit underneath it.


If you ever visit Lake Powell and want a good dinner that isn't fried, go to Blue Buddha. We'd already had an AMAZING meal at Green Goddess in New Orleans, so the Coloured Deity restaurant seemed like a good bet, despite the fact that it's a sushi bar that is more than 500 miles from the ocean. But it was truly excellent, with an almost Melbourne standard of laid back funkiness.