LA-TX: The South

My phone died in New Orleans, but resurrected itself three days later in Texas. So I don't have many photos of the Big Easy. But basically, it was a weird, steamy combination of beautiful and quaint, and loud and raucous. We ate amazing food, and someone tossed me a string of beads from a balcony even though I didn't flash at them. After New Orleans, we headed over to Breaux Bridge where we took a tour around Lake Martin Swamp on a teeny flat bottomed boat. We saw many frogs and turtles and lizards and alligators and a prehistoric bird that has solid bones and can kill a 3 ft alligator by spearing it through the head with its beak.


(note alligator in the bottom right hand corner)

We stayed in a cute little cabin that backed out onto the bayou, and sampled some homemade boudin sausage (nom), pork crackling (meh) and root beer (gahhh vile vile vile). Then we ate a "swamp platter" at a Cajun restaurant that was mostly crab and crawfish, but there was one deep fried frog leg, that tasted exactly as you would expect. Slimy. I'm sorry, Kermit.

We saw a touring production of Hair in Dallas, which was fun (but not as good as the Melbourne production I saw many times as a kid). I particularly liked the way the Very Serious Dallas Performing Arts Centre was transformed to look a little hippyish.


Today's drive saw the landscape get drier and redder, until we could have been in Australia. Now we're in Amarillo. Some big driving days ahead!