Stopping in London on the way to New York is an excellent way to catch up with many friends and meet snuggly babbies. It is also an excellent way to get Really Bad Jetlag. My first real awareness of New York City came from Michael Foreman's CAT AND CANARY, a picture book about a housecat and pet canary who escaped their NYC apartment each day when their owner went to work, and sailed high above the city on a kite. The city was so atmospheric, the buildings grand, austere, beautiful and more than a little scary.


The apartment we're staying in reminds me a lot of that book, as it's in Midtown, up on the 21st floor, with fabulous views of the Empire State and the Chrysler. I feel a bit like Cat, floating high above streets and rooftops and water towers.


We've been having a great time, I met my US editor which was lovely, and we've done plenty of shopping, including MUPPETS (of which more in another post).

Today is the tenth anniversary of 9/11. The city is sombre, and crawling with extra security. I feel a bit guilty shopping and heading off to see some theatre this afternoon, like I'm upstairs in someone's house watching cartoons while they hold a wake downstairs. But it'd feel equally inappropriate to join in the memorial services being held today, so theatre it is.