Remember that one time when I had a blog?

Argh, sorry readers (if there are any of you left). I dropped the blogging ball - it's been a bit adjustment this year, getting into the PhD and still writing books and doing school visits and writing articles and managing to keep myself fed and clothed. I've also been rather obsessively preoccupied with organising our Big Trip in September and October: Mj and I are going to London, then driving across the US from New York to LA via Everything, then a few days in Tokyo on the way home. It's kind of research, because my PhD novel is about a bunch of kids who blow off a Junior UN Summit and go on a road trip across the US. But mostly it will be Awesome. I got a bit addicted to Priceline, which is kind of like eBay for hotels. You specify the area you want to stay in, and the star class of your hotel, and then plug in the price you're willing to pay. Maybe you'll "win" a hotel, maybe you won't. I've booked us 4 star hotels in New Orleans, Dallas, Amarillo, Vegas and Nashville for under $60 US, and one very special 5 star hotel in London for under $200 a night. It's like gambling, but more productive!

I'm going to try and blog as much of our road trip as possible.

Thanks for all the lovely words you've been saying about Pocketful of Eyes, too! It's lovely to hear. And to all of you (and there seems to be a LOT of you) who are asking if there will be a sequel - I didn't consider it at all when I was writing, but now that there's so many requests for one... well, I'm considering it. Watch this space.