What happened to May?

What marvellous blogging intentions I had last month. I was going to talk about: -Reading Matters, and how wonderful it was to finally attend without running around like a crazy person trying to make sure everything went smoothly.

-books I've read and loved this month (I'm still gonna do this - I promise!)

-that whole WSJ/ #yasaves thing

-the Woodend Winter Arts Festival, at which I had a lovely time

-the Voices on the Coast Festival, at which I also had a lovely time

-Pocketful of Eyes, and how it's out and getting great reviews and you should all go and buy read it.

-a million other things

But it turns out that three conferences/festivals plus PhD + new book out + meetings about NEXT book + one million other things + a nasty cold = not so much free time.

Sorry. I will make it up to you by warning you that a bear is stealing your bicycle - hurry!