I don't really know what to say about this, but I want to say something. The news from Japan makes me very sad. I spent six months in Tokyo teaching English in 2002, and I loved it. It breaks my heart to think that some of the places I visited just aren't there anymore. I've heard from the few friends I have living in Japan, and they're okay, as are all the bloggers I follow. I confess that when I learnt Maru was okay I actually burst into tears.

I've seen the #prayforjapan hashtag around a lot on Twitter, and to be honest it makes me a bit uncomfortable, because I can't help unpack it and read that some religious groups think that their access to their God is somehow going to help in ways that the Japanese couldn't help themselves. But that's just me being oversensitive. I get that the real feeling behind the hashtag is the same as the feeling behind this blog post. That we are thinking a lot about the people in Japan, and we hope they'll be okay. Because that's really all we can do (apart from give money, of course).