Kitchen things

As I've said before, there is something very satisfying about making things. Not just books and quilts, but food-things too. Lately Mj and I have been trying to make a lot of things that we'd ordinarily just buy from the supermarket. Like pasta, for example. We inherited a pasta-maker from a friend, and nothing tastes as good as your own pasta. Mj always makes the actual pasta itself, and I do the sauce, and the filling if it's ravioli (we made this crab ravioli for Christmas and it was AMAZING). Mj has also started making tortillas to go with my pulled beef chilli. I have the bone from our Christmas ham in the freezer, waiting to become pea and ham soup. And I've also just started making tonic water, of which more tomorrow. I love learning kitchen techniques and tricks - like how to properly cut a mango. And without a doubt my favourite kitchen trick is removing onion/garlic smell from your hands by "washing" them with stainless steel - like a spoon or just the edge of the sink. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of rationale behind why this works - but it does. I choose to believe that it's magic.