Giveaway winners

#1: What piece of clothing did you love when you were younger? Broede said: A piece of clothing that was once particularly important to me was my school jumper. It reflected a sense of belonging to an institution where I excelled (and yes, it once did and still does reflect a level of conformity, but in a good way that I never appreciated until now). Looking at it hanging in my cupboard has made me realise how sheltered a school life is, in comparison to being thrown into the depths of the ‘big and scary’ world out there.

#2: Share something awesome and pink!

Emi said: I’m obsessed with outer space and cannot think of anything more awesome than this image of a galaxy taken by the Hubble Telescope! The hydrogen that forms the stars glows pink amongst the other particles and blue baby stars. Amazing AND pink!

#3: Your favourite weird place name

Thais said: There’s a place named Acock’s Green in Worcestershire, UK. That’s really weird.

#4: Your favourite snippet of internet trivia

Debora B said: Recently I discovered that James Blunt was a captain in the British Army before he became a famous musician! I would have NEVER imagined that! Am I the only one shocked by this or did you already know? o_o

#5 Would you rather eat two tablespoons of toenail clippings, or gargle half a cup of sweat?

Rebecca Raisin said: I think I'll take the sweat. My own after a zumba class with a squeeze of lemon and a dash of lime. One of those cute little umbrellas perched on the glass might help, too.

Shiny signed copies of PINK will be winging their way to you all very shortly!