PINK giveaway #4

There's a question in the Teacher's Notes for Pink about why the school is named after Billy Hughes. When I saw that, I blinked. It hadn't been a big decision - I wanted to name it after an ex-Prime Minister, and rather randomly picked Billy Hughes. I didn't know anything about him. So, curious, I googled. Here's the introduction to his Wikipedia page:

William Morris "Billy" Hughes, CH, KC (25 September 1862 – 28 October 1952), Australian politician, was the seventh Prime Minister of Australia from 1915 to 1923.

Over the course of his 51 year federal parliamentary career (and an additional seven prior to that in a colonial parliament), Hughes changed parties five times: from Labor (1901–16) to National Labor (1916–17) to Nationalist (1917–30) to Australian (1930–31) to United Australia(1931–44) to Liberal (1944–52). He was expelled from three, and represented four different electorates in two states. He is the longest serving member of the Australian Parliament, and one of the most colourful and controversial figures in Australian political history.

Colourful! Get it? A

nd he couldn't decide where he fit either - he kept trying on different identities and political parties.

So it turned out to be TOTALLY relevant, even though I didn't intend it. I love writerly serendipity.

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