Pink Giveaway #2

The original title of Pink was Pink is for Girls. I came up with the idea one sunny afternoon in Sydney, when I was researching convicty things for Scatterheart. I sat on a bench in Circular Quay and scribbled down a page of thoughts, then dashed to Surry Hills where I met author-friends Scott Westerfeld and Justine Larbalestier in the pub for a drink. "I want to write a book about a gay girl who secretly likes boys!" I told them. It sort of percolated around in my brain for a year or so, until I heard David Levithan talking about killing the vampires for queer teenagers. Then I knew I had to actually sit down and write it.

To win a copy of Pink, leave a comment with a link to something awesome and PINK! (keep it clean, though)

This is an international giveaway. Make sure your comment includes a way for me to reach you!