A tale of two boxes #2

This was my desk at the Centre for Youth Literature. Now it's all packed up, cleaned, with eight years of bits and pieces in one single cardboard box. I thought I'd take you on a tour of that box.

A copy of Voiceworks magazine from 1995. I had a poem called "Imagination" published in this edition, which now looks hilariously naive and childish next to angsty poems about rejecting postmodernism and foetal blood.

This is from an event for the Library's 150th birthday, where we put Winnie the Pooh on trial. I think we charged him with honey theft. I photoshopped the image on the slide. Pretty proud of it.

This was also for the Library's 150th (2005) - I curated a small exhibition of 150 Victorian books for young people that was displayed in the Cowan  Gallery.

Here is 22 year old Lili on the SLV's Annual Report. That photo also hung out the front of the Library on a 30 foot banner for a year or two. I got to keep the banner when it was taken down, although who knows what I'm supposed to do with it.

Don't tell anyone, but I may have nicked Ned Kelly's helmet. I'm sure nobody will notice.

And finally, this photo was taken at the very first CYL event I ever went to, when it was still at St Martin's Youth Theatre. This is from a Bookgig featuring Isobelle Carmody's The Gathering. Look at tiny 11-year-old Lili with her too-short jeans and white socks! She is currently being very inspired by Isobelle Carmody and hoping that one day, she'll get to stand up there and talk about her books*. I found this photo in the CYL archives after I'd been there for about six months. I don't really believe in destiny or signs, but finding the photo certainly made me feel like I belonged.

Thanks, CYL! Thanks, Agnes and Mike and everyone else I've worked with there over the years. You were the best First Real Job a girl could ever want to. You changed my life in bigger and more profound ways than I can put into words. Stay in touch.


*This is the year, Tiny Lili! For the first time ever I'll be appearing on the CYL program as an author, and not a staff member, at the Reading Matters Conference.