This is a bit late, but I've just been catching up on my blog reading and it has put me in a ruminatey frame of mind. So, in 2011 I hope to:

  • start my PhD
  • write another book
  • join the gym and do something about my deplorable fitness levels
  • ride my bicycle as much as possible (more on bicycles soon)
  • travel around the world with Michael
  • read more adult fiction (as well as plenty of YA, of course)
  • watch Mad Men
  • finish my string quilt (this one may be a little ambitious)
  • spend time with all the people I love


and here's a pertinent one for this blog:

  • start reviewing books

Because I can't do it through CYL any more, and I like to share. I'm not going to be reviewing EVERYTHING I read, and I'm not going to do negative reviews because I rarely finish a book I'm not enjoying. But every now and then, when I read something that I'm desperate for YOU to read, it will appear here. And I'll be starting this week with a list of my favourite books from 2010.

Best wishes for 2011!