Last week was a rather intense one. It was Mike's and my farewell morning tea from the SLV (even though I don't leave until the end of January), and it was lovely to hear everyone say such nice things, and to look back on the things I've achieved at the Library which, when you say them all at once, sound quite impressive*. But it wasn't just looking back - last week my plans for next year were confirmed as well - I'll be starting a PhD at Melbourne Uni, in Creative Writing (more on this later!). I'm really, really excited about my topic, and looking forward to working with my two wonderful supervisors. My scholarship was also confirmed last week, so I won't starve. So next year is going to be:

  • PhD
  • doing a bit of work designing a Children's and YA stream for Melbourne Uni's Masters in Creative Writing, Publishing and Editing
  • my next YA with Allen & Unwin, A Pocketful of Eyes will be out in May
  • plus another Exciting Writing Project I'm currently working on
  • plus lots of appearances and festivals
  • and an overseas trip in September

So post-CYL isn't exactly going to be laurels-resting time. But it's all wonderful and exciting, so bring on 2011!


*Plus I got a kick-arse farewell present - a Mary Poppins necklace. Which I am assuming means I'm practically perfect in every way. Thanks, Liberry Peeps!