Il tuo profilo su internet era perfetto... ma tu NO!

Getting foreign editions of books is so exciting! This is the cover for the Italian edition of The (not quite) Perfect Boyfriend.

I learnt Italian in primary school. It was an immersive curriculum, which meant our Italian teachers never spoke English. I actually didn't think they could, and nearly fell over when I ran into an old Italian teacher years later and she was all "Hi! How's it going?". We also had rotating classes in Italian, so one week we'd do Science in Italian, and the next week Art. It was cool, although I was pretty sure I hadn't learnt much.

But then I went to Italy when I was 25, and although I still had no grasp of grammar, all the vocab came back. I knew SO MUCH vocab! I couldn't believe it'd stayed buried there in the back of my memory. Clever immersion Italian.

Anyway, this is all to say that I was excited to get this book, because I knew without even looking it up on Google Translate, that in Italy the book is called Your Internet Profile is Perfect - But You're Not!

(if you want an Italian copy of the book, it's published by Mondadori)