1. So I took on a bunch of extra marking for Uni. Which means no more NaNoWriMo for Lili. Which is fine. I got a good 6,000 words down, and I'll keep pottering away at it over the next few months.
  2. Marking is quite fun! It's made me think a lot about structure and voice and character. There's some great writing in my class - but it never ceases to astonish me how often people make mistakes with tense.
  3. I've also noticed this problem a lot: "I packed sunscreen - we were going to the beach today." Today is a present-tense word. It has no place in this past-tense sentence.
  4. We are watching Buffy and Angel all the way through, using Andrew McDonald's very helpful guide. I still stand by my assertion that Season 4 Buffy has the worst arc (Initiative) but some of the best episodes (Something Blue, Hush etc). It's also my favourite Buffy (not so whingey or mopey) and my favourite Willow (solid gold). But it's the beginning of the end for Xander.
  5. It's nearly Christmas! And I have a new Christmas obsession. I've always wanted a special set of Christmas china, but all the stuff in the shops is either tacky cartoon Santas, or ultra-modern angular shapes. I wanted something a bit more traditional, but not too ornate and fancy, and I espied it in Nigella's Christmas. It's Crown Devon Stockholm, from the 1930s, and I covet it. So the plan is to collect one or two pieces a year (there's bits and pieces floating around on eBay), until I have a full set. Isn't it beautiful?