The demographic speaks

I came across this blog post by Audrey, a 13 year old USian. Audrey interviewed her friends about what they wanted in a YA novel. It's something I've been thinking a lot about lately, as I'm editing one book and just starting to write another. Someone asked me the other day who I wrote for, and I replied: smart, funny, flawed teenage girls. Here are some of the things Audrey and her friends said they wanted to see more of, that I want to write more of:

  • people who are smart, funny, and maybe a little out there
  • Mysteries, theft, and murders
  • Mysteries where you have to think/predict what will happen, mysteries that aren’t obvious.
  • Characters who are super smart but then makes a stupid mistake
  • Characters with a really ironic sense of humor, characters who get the humor in bad situations
  • Characters who speak their minds, characters who are opinionated
  • Interesting explanations of non-interesting things
  • Characters who betray other characters
  • Inside jokes!
  • characters who are unique, who aren’t perfect.

Some of the other interesting things that came up were more beautiful people, tall people, unusual names, British accents, foreign languages and sport. And less psychopath teenage killers/druggies, dark brooding boyfriends, talking animals and VAMPIRES. Hurrah!

So, Audrey and friends. I'm writing books for you guys. Please keep reading.