Band names

You convinced me, Internet. I shall NaNo once more. Mj is going to do NaAlWriMo and write (and record) an album, so the house will be a very creative place for a month. And because there'll be music all around, it's probably about time I wrote that music book I've been thinking about for a while. And as I'm a planner and also procrastinating from about a zillion other things, I started thinking about band names for this book. And turned to a bunch of lists that I saved years ago from a long-dead website, and came up with some options. Which do you like best? Which shall I use in the NaNo?

(these ones are all weird job titles)

The Brilliandeers

The Bucket Chuckers

The Grizzly Workers

The Hand Nailers

The Sulky Drivers

(these ones are all names of dances)

The Demented Seagulls

The Little Favourites

The Dainty Duncans

The Wooden Nickels

The Grand Starry Nights

The Daft Willies

The Black Bottoms

The Squash Blossoms

The Cockle Shells

The Hussy Brides

The Shim Shams

The Savage Whims

The Aw Shucks

The Bright Corners

The Hasty Puddings

The Toy Giraffes

The Emptied Cracks

The Smoking Bishops

The Missing Ducks

(and these are types of mushroom)

The Mudwort Smuts

The Beefsteaks

The Earpicks

The Slippery Jacks

The Black Bulgars

The Sickeners

The Horns of Plenty

The Jelly Babies

The Twisted Deceivers

The Black Trumpets

The Stinking Parachutes

The Humpbacks

The Booted Knights

The Tar Spots

I love them all.