What a busy few weeks that was. It included: 1. Working at a polling booth on Election Day, handing out ballot papers and then counting them at the end. Probably my two most interesting brushes with humanity were when one man informed me: "Lady, this country didn't want my vote for the 15 years I was in prison, and they're not getting it today"; and when another man - a prominent Melbourne literary critic - was grumpy when I told him he wasn't on the electoral roll for that division and stalked off in a huff without voting (tsk tsk).

2. Book Week, of which I have already spoken.

3. The Melbourne Writers Festival, which was lovely as always.

4. The World Science Fiction Convention, which was also lovely (but with more people wearing capes and tails than MWF), except for the bit where they cancelled my reading and didn't tell me.

5. Making some Big Life Career Decisions, of which more at a later date.

6. Teaching Creative Writing at Melbourne Uni (which is awesome fun).

7. Getting the Inside a Dog redevelopment underway.

8. Writing an essay on The Hunger Games for a SmartPop book which got totally derailed when I read (and was disappointed by) Mockingjay.

9. Starting a new series of junior fiction books (also of which more later).

10. Working on two new YA titles for Allen & Unwin (the first one, Pocketful of Eyes, will be out mid next year).

11. Doing a day of workshops for Express Media's The Big Splash (you can read about it here)

I need a holiday. Lucky we just booked one to go here: