Book Week 2010

Definitely my busiest Book Week to date - I did 14 talks in 10 different schools, all crammed in to five days! I was pretty hoarse by Friday afternoon, but it was a great week. It included: -Food! Morning teas, afternoon teas, writers breakfasts, pizza and books nights - and my very favourite: a teacher and her son at Emerald College hand made me nori rolls for lunch because onĀ  my website it says I like Japanese food. Thanks!

-Watching a fox wander around the grounds of a school, but not pointing it out to the students for fear of distracting them.

-All my teen fangirls! (and one fanboy) It's so absolutely wonderful when you guys come up and tell me how much you like my books. You make me feel like a rockstar.

-A spontaneous "three cheers for Ms Wilkinson" at Preston Girls (thanks! but you can call me Lili).

-About 300km of driving all over Melbourne.

-Getting asked how old I am, how much money I make and what my Year 12 score was, about a million times.

-Lots of lovely flowers and biscuits and chocolates and wine. Thank you to all the fabulous teachers and librarians who invited me and made me feel so very welcome, and to all the students for their wonderful questions and comments.