Here's where I'll be over the next week: Melbourne Writers Festival

Tuesday 31 August, 12:30 pm Growing Pains: Lili Wilkinson & Jaclyn Moriarty Shifting schools smack bang in the middle of term – in your final year of high school - is a nightmare scenario. It’s bad enough fitting in with kids you already know, never mind a bunch of strangers. To make things worse, Ava may or may not be gay, and when Amelia and Riley show up they create havoc for their new fellow students and teachers alike. Lili Wilkinson (Pink) and Jacqui Moriarty (Dreaming of Amelia) explore the pressures of conforming, sorting out who the heck you are, and trying to do it all before your sixteenth birthday.

68th World Science Fiction Convention

Friday 3 September, 11am: We're all connected, all the time: blogs and social networking in the world of YA spec fic (with Bec Kavanagh, Megan Burke & Mif Farquharson)

Friday 3 September, 5pm: What's hot and what's not: Trends in YA spec fic (with Karen Simpson Nikakis, Zoe Walton & Mif Farquharson)

Monday 6 September, 10am: Reading

Monday 6 September, 1pm: The world of YA spec fic reviewing (with Ian Nichols, Tansy Rayner Roberts, Gail Carriger, Megan Burke (chair)

Hope to see some of you there!