An imaginary letter (actually, it's a rant)

Dear X, I have to tell you about my new man. He's older than me. Much older. Perhaps that's why he's a bit condescending - he often calls me absurd and thinks he knows better than me about stuff like whether I want to go to the prom or go to University. And he hates my friends. Calls them shallow, so I don't see them any more.

I admit our relationship isn't perfect. There was this one time he broke up with me, then threatened to kill himself. Oh, and he got his sister to kidnap me, and slashed my tyres. Oh, and sometimes he breaks into my house and watches me sleep without me knowing. And he does spend a lot of time telling me how much he wants to kill me.

So, because we'd been together for a while, I wanted to take our relationship to... you know... the next level. Physically. But he wouldn't do it unless I married him. I wasn't really sure about that, I mean, I am only 18 and it seemed like a Big Deal. But I said yes, even though on my wedding day I couldn't bear to even look at my wedding dress.

The Big Night on the honeymoon was... well, not quite what I was expecting. I woke up the next morning all covered in bruises, and my new husband would barely speak to me, let alone touch me or be intimate in any way. Oh well, the good news is, now I'm pregnant so I guess we won't ever have to do any of it again.

Best Wishes,


Sorry, Alexandra, but I just don't agree. Edward is a very, very long way from being the perfect boyfriend. He's not a gentleman and a SNAG - he's abusive. I have met countless teenage boys in recent years who are sweet, imaginative, curious, vulnerable and desperately want to form an emotional connection with a Significant Other. And articles like that, and books like Twilight, perpetrate these ridiculous nonsense ideas of masculinity that insecure boys feel like they have to conform to. Perhaps it's time to start looking past the preppy schoolboy haircuts and start paying attention to personality.