When Pigs Fly

I'm writing a story at the moment that features a pig. A big, muddy, bristly pig. And it's led me on all sorts of interesting Wikipedia spiral adventures. Did you know that Wall Street in Manhattan is named for a wall built along it to stop pigs from getting into grain fields? And that the phrase "sweating like a pig" is totally inaccurate, because pigs don't sweat? (that's why they cover themselves in mud, to cool down) But here's my favourite thing. An adynaton is a hyperbolic saying to suggest that something's impossible: When pigs fly. But in other countries they say other things!

  • Italian: When donkeys fly
  • French: When cows have wings or When hens grow teeth
  • Spanish: When frogs grow hair
  • Latvian: When the owl's tail blossoms
  • Malay: When cats grow horns
  • Malayalam: If the crow flies upside down
  • Bulgarian: When shoes bloom
  • Chinese: When the rain is red
  • Russian: When the crawfish whistles on the mountain
  • Turkish: When fish climb trees
  • Brazil: When snakes smoke
  • Portugese: On St Never's Day in the afternoon