A crazy week

So in the past six days I've given 18 talks/workshops. I'm exhausted! But I met lots of great young writers at Genazzano, and am looking forward to going back there next month. Also, look at how we have our first female Prime Minister! I'm really excited to see Julia Gillard in office (an atheist, too!), although I wish I could have helped vote her in. I mean, I know that we live in a parliamentary democracy and all, but I felt like I played a part in electing Kevin Rudd. I was involved, but this all happened behind closed doors. Having said that, still totally proud to have this female, unmarried, childless, atheist, ranga migrant as our leader.

And to all those people who say they don't like Julia "because of her voice" - voting is a privilege as well as a right, and sometimes I'm not sure everyone deserves that privilege. Grow up.