I've just finished reading the galleys for the US publication of PINK. It's been very exciting, and I can't wait to share the cover with you. You hear so many stories about Aussie books being scarily Americanised and sanitised when they move over to the US. I was a bit afraid that my American editor was going to say something like.

So we really love this book about a lesbian wondering if she might secretly like boys. But we were thinking it might be better if she was... a vegetarian who secretly might like meat? Or a socialist who secretly might like capitalism? We could call it RED.

But of course they didn't. My fabulous editor at Harper Collins has been very firm from the beginning that PINK is a book set in Australia and it would stay that way. So Ava's school is still named after an Australian Prime Minister. She still catches trams and a train to Dennis Station on the Hurstbridge line. They eat fish and chips. The mums aren't moms. I think this is awesome.

Of course we changed a few things, just so readers don't get pulled out of the narrative to wonder what a skip is (a Dumpster). Other tiny changes included:

op shop is now thrift shop

jumper is now sweater

Steiner school is now Waldorf school

form assembly is now home room

long black coffee is now tall black coffee

take away is now to go.

It was actually kind of fun figuring out how to get around some of the particularly Australian linguistic quirks (like finding the best USian equivalent of dag - we settled on dork). And thanks to everyone on Twitter for helping out!