What's in Your Handbag?

Simmone Howell asks what I have in my handbag, and I respond:
This is actually my standby handbag. My proper one is bigger, but the zip is broken and it is off being fixed.
Contents (clockwise from top left):
-Moleskine notebook, for writing thoughts
-One Big Damn Puzzler, which is so far a very entertaining read
-glasses case (containing reading glasses)
-two pens, one pink for signing, one with a sekrit USB stick in the middle.
-smartcard for access to work.
-iPhone earbuds (the iPhone itself is being used to take the photo)
-lipstick (salmon) and lipgloss (something Japanese and pink)
-pink Raybans
-20c in change
-book of stamps
-earphone splitter thing in case Michael and I both want to listen to something.
What's in YOUR handbag? (or manbag)