No-brain creative

I've just spent a whole week working on my book. It's totally mentally exhausting, so by about 4pm, I still have plenty of energy, but don't want to use my brain. And that's why I love craft. I'm currently 44 squares into a 440 square queen size string quilt. I got the idea from here, and if you're interested there's also a tutorial. It's a very easy pattern to follow, and requires almost no measuring, which is awesome. Here's some in progress pics:
Strips are sewn to a 5" square of phonebook paper.

Then all the raggedy bits are trimmed.
Four squares together make a DIAMOND.
This is what I've done so far, all laid out.
I also baked on Sunday, to celebrate the awesome that is the Winter Lolympics. Curling! Skeleton! Mogul! Such hilarious (and totally dangerous) sports. Anyway. I made wintry Canadian critters:
And one special one for Mj because it was Valentine's Day, and I appear to be getting soft in my old age: