Hadrian's Wall Day #2

Day 2 featured many, many hills.

Here is a hole in a wall (not THE Wall, just a random wall). Remember it, and that loch below, because i'll be pointing them out later on from the other side.

Here's me eating crisps in the Commandant's house in an ANCIENT ROMAN FORT. Notice my SEXY WATERPROOF PANTS.
Okay. So that lake in the background? Same lake as hole in wall photo. High crest just to the upper right of lake? Is place where I took hole in wall photo. WE WALKED A LONG WAY TODAY.

A disappointing Sammich and a clever map-reading.

You may recognise this sycamore tree from Kevin Costner's Prince of Thieves. *insert joke about wooden acting here*
Pretty. The crest in the distant background, by the way, is where the photo looking back at the hole in the wall was taken from. my feet hurt.

The final stretch. This bit was frighteningly steep and i'm glad we were going down, not up.

Then I ate a steak that was THE SIZE OF MY HEAD and had a bath. WIN.