When the Moon is in the Seventh House

I had my astrological chart done yesterday. It's not really the sort of thing I'd normally do - it was a birthday present from some friends. But it turned out to be very interesting.

I don't believe in astrology. I don't think that what time of day I was born affected my personality. But I think that there are common experiences of being a human, and therefore humanity has common stories. These stories - myths, fairy tales, fables - are useful in interpreting our own lives and stories, and understanding what it means to be human. So astrology is a bit like that - it's a fictional construct, but a useful tool to help us understand ourselves a little better.
So here's what I learnt about myself yesterday. I'm an Aries Sun, Aries Ascendant, Aries Mars and Aries Venus. This is a lot of Aries. I am headstrong, fiery, bossy, curious, creative. I'm independent but not alone. I have a Taurus Moon, which makes me take all my Aries energy and ground it, turning it into something practical and valuable - like writing books.
Anyway. One of the most interesting things that the astrologer said was my relationship to the feminine. She said that other bits of my chart indicated that part of my "quest" was to champion the feminine, and bring it to the fore not as an opposition to the masculine, but as an equal, a compliment. Which resonated quite a lot given the ranting I've been doing lately about women's stories and female protagonists.
The astrologer also told me the Sumerian myth of Inanna and Ereshkigal, which I shall repeat here later this week, as it's one of my new favourite stories.