Spring Things

The splendiferous Brigid Lowry is in The Residence over at insideadog, and is encouraging a creative spring clean. And lists! I love lists.

Things That Would Make Me Happy
  • a night at home eating chili and watching the West Wing
  • a title for my crusades book
  • an Obama presidency
  • about 700 years to catch up on reading
  • for Margo Lanagan's Tender Morsels┬áto never end
  • making all my Christmas presents this year
Things I am Prepared to do Without
  • Australian Idol
  • for that matter, television-on-television (DVDs is different)
  • alcohol on weeknights
  • books about dead girls in country towns
  • the twelve political blogs I'm currently reading (i could prolly cut it down to eight)
Relax, Trust, Surrender.