Overheard in a Taxi

The Scene: Four authors pile in to a taxi outside a suburban Launceston school. Lili, Penni and Kirsty squeeze into the back. James is in the front.

Taxi Driver: Are youseall teachers, then?
James: No, we're authors.
Taxi Driver: You're what?
James: Authors. We write books for teenagers.
Taxi Driver: *suspicious* Fair enough, then.
The conversation drifts towards issues of intellectual property (does anyone every try to pinch your ideas?) and the Fifth Beatle. James makes a comment about being able to look stuff up on Google.
Taxi Driver: What's a Google?
James: *blinks* Google. The search engine.
Taxi Driver: Sorry, mate.
James: The internet?
Taxi Driver: Never used a computer. Is it like Windows?
James: *stunned silence*
There is a Pause, while we all look out the window and contemplate being in the presence of a true Digital Virgin.
Taxi Driver: Kids' books, eh? Like Harry Potter? Have youse been on TV?