Also, I write books

It has been brought to my attention that I haven't been posting much about my actual writing of books. So I present an interview with Lili Wilkinson, Author. By me. About what I'm writing.

Self: So. Lili. How's the writing going?
Lili: Very well, thank you.
Self: Are you working on a book at the moment?
Lili: Actually, I'm working on two books at the moment.
Self: (mutters) Overachiever.
Lili: (modest cough)
Self: So what are these books about?
Lili: Hmm. They are about (in no particular order): love, high school, bisexuality, belief, obsession, silvery fish, musical theatre, the Holy Land, stage crew, Isaac Newton, pirates and pink cashmere jumpers.
Self: I'm not sure that was a very helpful answer.
Lili: Fine. One of the books is about bisexuality, stage crew and high school musicals. The other is about the Children's Crusade.
Self: The what?
Lili: In 1212, an army of 10 000 kids marched through France and Italy to save Jerusalem from the Infidel.
Self: Wow! Really?
Lili: Probably not, actually, given that there are no contemporary records of it. But it's a great story nonetheless.
Self: Did they get there? To Jerusalem?
Lili: No. They were kidnapped by pirates and sold into slavery.
Self: A feel-good kind of story, then.
Lili: It's your average boy-meets-spiritual-guru-and-follows-blindly-into- mortal-peril romcom. Think Stand By Me meets Ten Things I Hate About You meets John 6:5-15, with just a whiff of The God Delusion for good measure.
Self: Right. And the other one? The musical theatre one?
Lili: It's about a lesbian who secretly thinks she might like boys.
Self: A going-back-into-the-closet story?
Lili: Sort of. It's supposed to be my response to this.
Self: Is it just me, or are both these books a little... controversial?
Lili: Pfft. I'm just getting started.
Self: Do either of these books have a title?
Lili: The stage crew one is currently called Pink is for Girls, although that may well change. The Children's Crusade one has no title, and I shall pay cold hard cash for a good one. Anybody? Anybody?
Self: Well, it's good to see you've been keeping busy.
Lili: Thank you. Can I get back to it now? I haven't met today's deadline yet.
Self: Right, of course. Carry on.