Harry Potter and the Fanfiction of Better

So it's a year since Harry Potter mania peaked and then disappeared. We all got over it. We read the epilogue and said "ORLY, JK? Albus Severus? For cereal?". And now a year on most of us look back on those years with a slight nostalgic confusion - what were we thinking?

Except for me. (and Hank).
I am more obsessed with Harry Potter than I ever was when HP mania was around. I'm sure you all remember my snarky comments about plotholes and adverbs. I read the books, I enjoyed the books, then I enjoyed criticising the books. It was my Thing.
So what's the deal?
The deal, my friends, is Sarah Rees Brennan.
She's a YA author. She has a book of her very own. I haven't read it yet, but I'm sure it's excellent.
She also writes Harry Potter fanfic.
And it's AMAZING.
It is a hundred squillion times better than anything JK ever wrote. She understands the characters better than JK does. And she certainly understands romance better than JK does.
Anyway. The end of the most recent chapter made me squee like a fangirl. I WANT MORE.
(here's chapter one, for the interested)