Ready for my weekend

The last three days have been spent running around gossiping networking at the CBCA conference. I'm going to write a longer and more coherent post about it later this week, but for now, permit me some bullet points.

  • My fangirl moment was only tangentially related to Neil Gaiman. Standing at the Allen & Unwin stall, looking at Bruce Mutard's new graphic novel, a tall man looking over my shoulder. 'Eddie Campbell!' I say, and he looks quite surprised to be recognised. We chat about graphic novels and a possible new TV show that sounds fascinating.
  • Bernard Beckett is a great speaker and I can't wait to read Genesis.
  • I am horrified that this man is starring in the film of this book (which I just devoured) ERIC BANA IS NOT A LIBRARIAN.
  • There was a typo on a poster, proclaiming an "additive new series". Now with phenylalanine!
  • Why isn't my job title as awesome as Dr Mark Norman's, who is Senior Curator of Molluscs at Melbourne Museum??