1. I met Julia Gillard today. She was at the launch of the MS Readathon, and said some AWFULLY sensible things about how good it would be if Australia put as much effort into winning at reading, as we did into winning at sport. I have a girl-crush.

2. Boy Toy, by Barry Lyga, is a really good book. I heartily recommend. It's a story that I've read many times before, but never as well as in this case.

3. I am going to pinch two very interesting comments that JL Bell put on Oz and Ends, from a panel:

-"Teen books are like adult books, without all the bullshit." --H Jack Martin.

-"I thought I'd been condescended to because I'm an Indian. That was nothing compared to the condescended to because I've written a YA novel... because I've written a book about a 16-year-old, that means I'm a capitalistic whore." --Sherman Alexie, author of another very good book.