Christmas at the Wilkinson House

8am. rinse turkey and season with lemon, garlic and herb butter.

8:30. toast and tea. open presents. 
9:15. turkey in oven. baste every 15 minutes for the next three hours.
9:30-11:30. make bread sauce and stuffing, prepare veggies, put pudding in to boil. shower, tidy, set table.
12:30. turkey out to stand. make gravy. crank up the oven for the veggies, stuffing and bread sauce. steam veggies. cut ham.
12:45. open the wine.
1pm. eat. crackers, more wine. terrible jokes.
2pm. swear you'll never eat again.
2:30. pudding. soak in rum on the plate, and then heat rum in a ladle, set on fire and pour liquid fire onto pudding. nom nom nom.
3pm. swear you'll never eat again.
4pm. chocolate santas and mince pies. pictionary, chinese checkers.
5pm. walk to the park (SLOWLY).
6pm. small nap.
7pm. turkey and stuffing sandwich.
7:30. swear you'll never eat again.
8pm. maybe one more mince pie.
8:30. It's a Wonderful Life on TV (or a Muppet Christmas Carol). Graze on nuts, chocolate santas, ham, leftover veggies. Try and learn the difference between port, muscat and tokay by having one glass of each.
11pm. Bed.
Merry Christmas, blogosphere!